George Vladimirovich Shor – Russian pathologist, scientist and educator (23.04.1872–18.07.1948)


Alexander Zubritsky, Moscow, Russian Federation

Shor GV.jpgШор Георгий Владимирович.

Geogre V. Shor (23.04.1872–18.07.1948)

This work has the purpose to collect and systematize the biographical data for Professor G.V.Shor in accordance with the questionnaire I have developed. Born in St. Petersburg in family of postal official. Married. Spouse: Bogen-Shor (Petkovich) Olga Konstantinovna . Graduated from the gymnasium and the St. Petersburg Military Medical Academy with honors (1895); doctoral thesis on “Primary cancer of bronchi, lungs and pleura in relation to pathology” (1903). Pathologist in different hospitals of St. Petersburg; Head, Department of Pathology, 1st Leningrad Medical Institute; one of the founders of thanatology; Honored worker of science of the USSR (1933); Chairman of the officer of the Court of honor during naval service. Founded the first experimental laboratory for research on cancer; one of founders of Leningrad Society of Pathologists; proposed in autopsy method of full evisceration of internal organs and a comprehensive study without the disturbance of anatomical relations, the method for preservation of anatomical preparations, which consists in pre-conditioning liquid of Shor followed by putting them in hermetically sealed vessels simultaneously with creation of archive macropreparations (“Museum of Shor”),  method of carrying out clinical-anatomic mapping and introduced residency for future pathologists. Research interests: Problems of thanatology, oncology, pathology equipment, etc. Author of over 70 scientific works, including main work “On human death, introduction to thanatology”. Distinctive trait: Man of crystal purity and honesty. Died in Leningrad on the 77th year of life from cardiovascular insufficiency due to obesity heart. Buried in Leningrad.  


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