Vladimir Petrovich Shishkov – outstanding Russian veterinary pathologist, scientist and educator (24.05.1927–07.01.2001)


Alexander Zubritsky, Moscow, Russian Federation

Шишков В.П.

Vladimir P.Shishkov (24.05.1927–07.01.2001)

To collect and systematize the biographical data according to the questionnaire prepared by me. Born in village Ivitsy of Odoevsky district of Tula region. Graduated from Moscow Veterinary Academy named after K.I. Skryabin with distinction, All-Union Legal Correspondence Institute (1954) and postgraduate studies at Moscow Veterinary Academy. Defense of thesis on theme “Pathomorphological changes of cardiovascular system in highyielding cows under metabolic disorders”, doctoral – on “Pathomorphology and some issues of pathogenesis of gastrointestinal diseases in newborn calves”. Professor, Pathology Department with course of forensic veterinary medicine, Moscow Veterinary Academy named after K.I.Skryabin, etc. Academician-Secretary, Department of Veterinary Medicine. For the first time in our country the systems of veterinary-prophylactic measures of reception for lambs-gnotobiotes are developed and on this model experimental colibacteriosis is studied. Development of complex and fundamental research on study of etiology and pathogenesis in development of diagnostic methods and measures to control leukemia of cattle; much has been done for development of gnotobiology, the use of its methods in solving problems of veterinary medicine. Awarded the Gold Medal named K.I.Skryabin for successful work on problem of pathology of farm animals (1985), etc. Author of more than 300 scientific works, including 23 books and brochures, 15 copyright certificates and patents for inventions. Member of Board of All-Union Scientific Society of Hematology and Oncology, of Committee of World VeterinaryAssociation for Cattle Diseases (1974). Distinctive feature: Diligence, organizational skills. Died on January 7, 2001 in Moscow on 74th year of life.


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