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Шапиро Борис (Schapiro Boris) – биография

Shapiro Boris (Schapiro Boris)
21 апреля 1944 года

Dr. Boris SCHAPIRO State 2018 Kluck Str. 25, D -10785 Berlin-Tiergarten, GERMANY Telephone +49-30 797 34 46 Cellular +49-172 300 89 47 E-mail: boris@schapiro.org Skype: boris.schapiro ___________________________________________________________________________

Born April 21, 1944 in Moscow, USSR. Married, four adult children. Immigrated to West Germany 1975, German citizen since 1983.


• Theory of Sumjects and Paradigms and its application to Artificial Intelligence

• Theoretical and Mathematical Physics

• Mathematical Models of Complex Systems

• Technology expertise and technology transfer

• Design and Engineering of Power-generation Machines

• Fundamental and Paradigmatic Theology, especially Paradigmatic Theology of Judaism

• Fundamentals of Semiotics and Mathematics

• Practical Philosophy of Being

• Organization and management of research and development projects in science, technology, and education

• General organization and management of business projects.

• Crisis management


2013 - present

Professor for Practical Philosophy at the State University of Pereslavl, Russian Federation

1990 - present

President of WTK – Wissenschaft-Technologie-Kultur e. V. (Society WTK-Science- Technology-Culture) The WTK purpose, according to the statutes is ”Promotion of the Scientific, Technological and Cultural Development in the reunified Germany and abroad, in particular, in the post-totalitarian societies, as contributing to peaceful and conscious coexistence“

2005 - present Head of the Schapiro Center for Jewish Studies

1992-98 Director of KWTK – Coordination Center for Scientific and Technological Cooperation with countries of the Former Soviet Union (KWTK) initiated under the auspices of the German Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Technology. Planning, organization and development of the KWTK infrastructure. Chief of the Expertise. General management of KWTK activities.

1989-94 Senior Scientist, Head of the Theory Department. Scientific and Medical Institute at the Tuebingen University, Reutlingen, West Germany. Responsibilities included:

• Planning and supervision of research projects in the field of complex systems

• Organization and supervision of computational support services and theoretical validation of projects run by others departments of the Institute

• Organization of grants and contracts for new projects at the Institute.

1987-89 Private system consultant and crisis manager for corporate, institutional, and private clients.

1983-87 Deputy Director of the Institute of Solid States Physics of the Regensburg University

1981-87 Assistant Professor. Department of Theoretical Physics, Regensburg University, Germany.

1976-81 Research Assistant. Institute of Theoretical Physics, Tuebingen University, Germany.

1972-74 Research Assistant, Teaching Fellow. Department of Physics, Moscow Institute of Education. Moscow, USSR.

1971 Lead Engineer. Institute of Earth Physics, USSR Academy of Sciences. Moscow, USSR.

1968-70 Staff Engineer. Research and Production Institute of Rare Metals, GIREDMET. Moscow, USSR


Organizer and Chairman of the following international meetings:

October 1996 German - Russian Conference ”Mental Problems of Personality Formation under Migration and Social Changes“ (in cooperation with Baden Württemberg Land Center for Political Education and Robert Bosch Foundation) Bad Urach, Germany

July 1994 German - Russian Seminar ”Poetic Translations and Mentality“, (in cooperation with the Russian Association of Writers), Konakovo, Russia

July 1993 International Workshop ”Mentality and Poetics“ (in cooperation with the Russian Association of Writers), Bubulais - Ginuciu, Lithuania

December 1992 International Workshop ”Mentality and Mental Education“, Berlin

December 1990 German - Russian Conference ”Mental Problems of East-West Contacts“, Berlin

1989-91 Organizer and Chairman of a political educational program ”Mutual Understanding between Nations from the Grassroot Level“, in cooperation with the Institute for Political Education of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation and the International Institute ”House of the Future“, Berlin

April 1999 German-Russian Workshop “Mental Problems of Young Adults in Family Planning”, Berlin


44 papers in physics and techniques, 2 in biology, 5 in philosophy and ethics, 1 in semiotics, 1 in linguistics, 3 in philology, 2 in theology, 2 in education, 1 in popular science, 1 textbook, 2 works in economics and technology transfer, numerous reviews and presentations at professional meetings. Literary works in 22 belletristic books and more then 100 other publications, inter alia: “Metarepresentations and Paradigms”, http://goo.gl/zK58r “Rationale Theologie des Judentums”, http://goo.gl/RvDGu

PATENTS 10 patents related to the RKM and BARM technology (power machines).


1999-2000 Program in Business Management (summa cum laude). KLETT Publishing House, WBS – Economical Consulting Service. 1983-84 Program in Linguistics. Regensburg University, West Germany 1976-78 Ph.D. in Physics (summa cum laude). Tuebingen University, West Germany 1963-68 M.Sc. in Physics (summa cum laude). Department of Physics, Moscow State University, USSR


2008 Nomination for the German Future Award 2008 (Deutscher Zukunftspreis 2008) through The Werner-von-Siemens-Ring

2007 Bronze medal of the IENA 2007 Industrial Fair in Nuremberg, Germany





• LITERATENUNION of Russian Federation, Moscow

• Moscow Writer Union and Writer Union of Russian Federation

• INTERNATIONAL P.E.N., The Centre of German Speaking Authors and the Centre of Exile Authors in German Speaking Countries, Vice President 1986 - 2008

• WTK, WISSENSCHAFT-TECHNOLOGIE-KULTUR e.V. (Society WTK-Science- Technology-Culture), Tuebingen/Berlin, President

• Schapiro Centre for Jewish Studies




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