22 октября 2008

World Public Forum Dialogue of Civilizations

Rhodes, Greece, 9 - 13 October, 2008

Ernest G. Kochetovs monographs presentation

Ernest G. Kochetov.
Humanitarian Cosmology (The New People`s Path to the New Universe). A Scientific Monograph. Moscow, 2006.

The book deals with the fundamentals for Humanitarian Cosmology - the newest field of knowledge and theory of paradigm global transformations. Theoretic and methodological basis of New Renaissance Universe is established.
The original book involves the latest social and nature sciences achievements for the new world outlook design, which is actually embedded in millions of peoples perception. .
The authors special argumentation all-round study actual global issues (life, peace, war) with both regional development issues (human rights, life style and culture protection) as well as pure local issues (family, love, friendship, children). Over these the author stresses the central point - persons sense and value as a millennium-range problem: the life category is raised to the highest pedestal.

About the author
Ernest G. Kochetov is one of the leading and prominent founders of new geoeconomic branch in social sciences. Author of widespread in Russia and all over the world monographs, students books, dictionaries, articles and papers. Participated in the largest world forums on global geoeconomic issues. Leading specialist in Russia and Eurasia region on economic and humanitarian security issues. President of Regional Public Organization Public Academy of Geoeconomics and Globalistics Sciences, Dr Sc. (Economics).

Ernest G. Kochetov. The Russian Intellectual Revival: Forms, Routes, Stages (The Paradigm Links Geoeconomics - Globalistics - Humanitarian Cosmology Mechanism). Moscow, 2007.
Ernest G. Kochetov. Geoeconomics (Global) Explanatory Dictionary: Fundamentals for Modern Business Geoeconomics Hi-Tech. Yekaterinburg, 2006.
Ernest G. Kochetov. Humanitarian Cosmology (The New People`s Path to the New Universe). Moscow, 2006.
Ernest G. Kochetov. Geoeconomics (Global) Explanatory Dictionary (Global strategic management: Elements of Russian models mechanism). Vol. 1, 2. Moscow, 2002.
Ernest G. Kochetov. Globalistics: Theory, Methodology, Practice. Moscow, 2002.
Ernest G. Kochetov. Globalistics: Geoeconomics, Reality, the Universe: A new Renaissance - its structural sources and principles, foundations, and theoretical and methodological framework. Moscow, 2001.
Ernest G. Kochetov. Geoeconomics: Mastering the world economic space. Moscow, 1999.
Ernest G. Kochetov. Geoeconomics and Strategic Development in Russia. Grassroots and Principles for External Economic Development Docnrine. ). Moscow, 1997.
Ernest G. Kochetov. Milestones for International Economic Activities (National Economies and Enterprises in the Global Economic System). Moscow, 1992.

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Phone: +7 (499) 369-73-60; Mob.: +7-903-753-25-12; E-mail: geo_econ_acad@mail.ru

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